The anus is an erogenous zone and plays an important role in female sexual arousal.

The anus and surrounding tissue are rich in sensitive nerve fibers and are extremely and pleasurably sensitive to erotic touch and stimulation most especially when the girl or the woman becomes sexually aroused via foreplay.

It responds well to finger rub, finger insertion, and tongue strokes.

But particularly, oral stimulation of the anal opening and its surrounding areas (analingus) is extremely stimulating for women and produces extreme pleasure, and have women dripping wet in no time.

Anal stimulation can also enhance the quality of a girl’s (or a woman’s) orgasm.

An Interesting Fact

The clitoris and the anus are connected through perineal tissue.

In short, the anal region is lined with tissue and muscle that connects it to the clitoral network.

Combining analingus with cunnilingus

Sometimes anal oral sex (anilingus) is combined with cunnilingus… and the giver will move between stimulating the two areas – the vulva and the anus using either both the fingers and mouth.

But the anus contains bacteria that should be prevented from commingling with other parts of the vulva, especially, should NOT come into contact with the vagina.

A finger, penis, or a sex toy one inserts into the anus ISN’T safe to go into the vagina. That means a finger one inserts into the anus should not be the same finger he or she inserts into the vagina.

Any object such as a sex toy one inserts into the anus needs to be washed before inserting it into the vagina… to avoid an infection.

Inside the anus…

…is indirect access to the PS-spot (an area of spongy erectile tissue beneath the perineum – the perineum is the general region between the vagina opening and the anal opening) and the twin of the A-spot (an orgasmic spot deep inside the vagina at the side of the cervix next to the anus).

Both are erogenous zones, with the A-spot capable of producing intense orgasms when correctly stimulated.

These erogenous zones are the reasons why anal fingering and stimulation and anal sex feel pleasurable to women… to the point where they can have an anal orgasm.

The membrane or the wall that separates a woman’s or a girl’s anus and vagina is very thin… and one can indirectly pleasure both the PS-spot and the twin of the A-spot through anal penetration.

So there you have it…

…the anus and female sexual pleasure.

I hope this article has given you an insight into the anus.

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