How Do I Find My G-Spot

Question: How do I find my G-spot?


The G-spot is located about 2 inches inside the vagina (past the vaginal opening) on the frontal wall or upper side of the vaginal wall directly behind the pubic bone.

But the G-spot can only or easily be felt when you’re fully or sufficiently aroused – it becomes more prominent when you’re fully turned on…

…so, to feel or find your G-spot, pleasure yourself before going exploring.

(Hint: You can rub the upper vaginal wall – where the G-spot is, the G-spot will start to swell and firm up.)

After a few minutes of pleasuring yourself – feeling aroused – insert a finger inside your vagina up to the second knuckle… and with your palm facing up and using the pad of your fingertip, touch the top wall of your vagina (directly behind the pubic bone) and feel for an area that feels raised or small bump swelled out.

Rub it lightly to see if you enjoy the sensation.

…you’ve found your G-spot.

So, there you have it…

How to find your G-spot.

The G-spot, in its normal state, is flat and wrinkly, whereas the area around it feels smooth. But when aroused, the G-spot swells.

So again, there you have it… how to find your G-spot.

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