Penetration Orgasm

Penetration orgasm is an orgasm a girl or a woman has during penetrative sex or vaginal intercourse… and without the stimulation of the clitoris whatsoever.

This is also known as vagina orgasm… but a vaginal orgasm a girl or a woman experiences SOLELY from penetration.

Not by fingering or the use of a sex toy… but SOLELY from penetration.

And this orgasm happens as a result of G-spot and/or A-spot stimulation.

Unlike the other types of female orgasms, a girl or a woman NEEDS penetration to have a penetration orgasm

Penetration orgasms are deeper, longer, and more powerful and intense full-bodied orgasms… and could make women (or girls) quiver and leave them breathless.

And women believe that their BEST orgasm comes from PENETRATION.

It Takes Longer to Give a Girl or a Woman A Penetration Orgasm

It takes about 10-20 minutes of good hard pounding to give a girl or a woman a penetration orgasm.