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Sex Flush… and The Female Pleasure


Sex flush is the reddening of the skin.

It appears when a woman or a girl is highly sexually aroused (in the throes of pleasure) and also after an orgasm (when she orgasms).

It’s essentially extra (or more) blood flowing or rushing to all parts of the body.

…and it disappears when a woman or a girl’s body (or arousal) returns to a calm state or after her final orgasm.

The Sex Flush and The Female Pleasure

The sex flush adds extra sensation to the skin. In other words, there’s heightened sensitivity all over the flesh.

During this time, a woman’s or a girl’s skin, particularly her erogenous zones – her breasts, nipples, and vagina – becomes very sensitive.

…and even the lightest touch gives extreme pleasure.

So, there you have it…

…the sex flush – what it is or means, and its correlation to female pleasure.

I hope this short post has given you an insight into the sex flush…

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