The Clitoris Location

If you want to give your a girl or a woman exquisite pleasure during sex and give her orgasms and please her in bed, then you ought to know the clitoris location – where the clitoris is.

You see, the clitoris is the most sensitive and powerful organ (an erogenous zone) on the female body… extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation.

…an erogenous zone or sexual organ whose sole purpose is to provide sexual pleasure and one that is guaranteed to bring girls and women to orgasms.

That said…

…it is very important one knows the clitoris location.

Let’s get to it.

The Clitoris Location

The clitoris is located just above the vaginal opening.

It is usually covered by a small hood of skin called the clitoral hood.

Supposedly a girl or woman is lying down on her back with her legs parted or opened and looking directly at her genitals, the clitoris will be located just above the vaginal opening, nearest her mons pubis – the pad of fatty tissue over the joint of the pubic bone.

Again, the clitoris is usually covered by a small hood of skin…

…pull back or push up the fold of skin and you will see a tiny pink organ underneath – that’s the clitoris. [Read: ‘How to Find the Clitoris’]

The image below should help you know the clitoris location…

A closeup of the female genitalia and the visible part of the clitoris.


The clitoris swells (engorges with blood) and becomes obvious (visible) when a girl or woman is sexually aroused.


The clitoris or the ACTUAL clitoris reaches deep into girls’ or women’s genitals.

What we see on the outside – the tiny pink organ situated above the vaginal opening – is just the head of the clitoris, the visible part.

The rest of the clitoris is completely internal.

The roots of the clitoris reach deep into the female genitals and encircle the genitals.

The entire clitoris (including the hidden structure) is about five inches long. [Read: ‘10 Interesting Facts about the Clitoris That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End’]

So, there you have it…

…the clitoris location.

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